Greetings, AHS Class of 62 Classmates!
1962. 2017. 55 years!  Believe it or not, the year for our 53rd AHS class reunion is here!  The dates for the reunion have been set for Friday and Saturday, October 13th and 14th, 2017.  Click here here for more information.
Time to Update Your Info.
   Make sure you keep abreast of all the latest info on the reunion by sending  us your current email address to   If your mailing address has changed since the last reunion send us your current mailing address.
OUR OWN AHS CLASS OF 62 ALUMNI website is online!   The fact that you are able to come to the AHS Class of 62 Alumni website is a statement to the belief that the planning committee feels this is indeed a special reunion.  Extraordinary efforts are being made to contact and have the best communications we have ever had with our classmates.  Please check the website regularly to get the latest information and updates regarding the development of the site and information about our class and the 55-year reunion.
OUR OWN AHS CLASS OF 62 FACEBOOK (FB) PAGE is availabe for our classmates!   A FB page has also been created to help with our communications and our contact with one another.  We encourage every classmate to go on Facebook (gotta be a FB member) and search for the AHS Class of 62 page (there may be several similarly named pages; ours is the one with the black and white photo of the old AHS building with the cars parked along Jefferson Avenue).  Request to join the AHS page, and Bill Edwards or Horace Shipp (administrators of the FB page) will gladly add class members to the page.  This is another great means for communicating with our classmates.  All of the reunion group photos have been posted and there will be other interesting postings in the future.  So, join the page, see who all are members, and notify others who are not members to join. 
LET'S ALL GATHER IN OCTOBER!  It is so good for us to begin the final part of the process for our 55-Year AHS Class of 62 Reunion.  It is a lot of work - no question about it!  However, the planning committee and those who otherwise are working and preparing for the Fall Reunion wants this one to be the best ever.  Thanks to the committee for their work on gathering the contact info, the mailouts, the website and FB page, and to all others who will be working during the next few months.  And, a great big "thank you" to ALL CLASS MEMBERS who will be reserving the dates, communicating with us, talking to other classmates, making plans to attend, and being there in October to enjoy the celebration of the 55th anniversary of our graduation from dear ole AHS!  We all hope to see you all there!